Exchange 2010 SP1 Update Rollup 5 Breaks SSL Offloading

We were lucky enough to catch this before our rollout, but we have our Exchange 2010 CAS members load balanced with a Barracuda Load Balancer configured for SSL Offloading.  Part of the deployment steps for the Barracuda load balancer guide for Exchange 2010 is to disable the SSL requirement on various virtual directories.  It also includes steps to add in a health check to make a simple HTTP call to the back end servers on port 80.  It appears that Update Rollup 5 enables the SSL requirement on the default web site, shown in this screenshot.

This results in the Barracuda’s port 80 health check failing, as you can imagine.  You’ll see the effects of this in the Barracuda’s “Server Health” tab.

Of course, simply disabling the SSL requirement on the root of the default web page is all that’s required.  See Microsoft’s SSL Offloading guide for Exchange 2010 for full info.  It’s long, but it’s mostly screenshots.  For the kid in you.  After the SSL requirement is taken away, refresh the “Server Health” tab (impatient people like me may need to refresh a few times) to see all the green check boxes, indicating that it’s time to go down some tequila shots at the strip club.

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